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My name is OSA OSAZUWA.   I am CEO at CAREER BUILDERSNET, a subsidiary of Gladstone General Agency.  I am involved in helping to secure a successful future for young people through sound education, with the right career choice and equipment.

Our children and youths need the best education, training and exposure, in a proven and enabling environment, to be best equipped for a successful future.

I help young people advance their career prospects, especially with regard to further education abroad, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I also help them to get good jobs during and after studies, to help them gain experience and advancement in their suitable fields.

My specialized services include; securing college/university placements and study permit in Canada, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus….

I also place qualified graduates and professionals in lucrative jobs in these countries and help them procure work permit.

If the academic and career success of your child is important to you, and/or you want to go international with regard to your job experience, please  contact: 2348064324280, 2348179844888, 2349079923202, 2347052700560, email: osa21pet@gmail.com